Welcome to Morgs N Friends

We think of your pets as a part of our family. We do everything to the highest quality and standard, because that’s what your animals deserve. Safety is our top priority, followed by function and style.

Who are we?

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  • Safety and Quality are Top Priorities

    Safety and quality are our top priorities. Your pets deserve products that are safe for them and will not only be fun yet durable, but that will give you peace of mind as well. Our materials are sourced to bring you the highest quality available, and the knowledge that you are giving your pet the best quality product and experience.

  • Your Ease and Comfort is Top of Mind

    From the measurements of pockets and placement of hanging tabs to the length and width of the bonding scarves, everything is designed with your comfort and ease of use in mind. The bonding scarves are measured to sit comfortably on your chest without being too close to your neck, yet they do not swing like traditional bonding pouches. The wide fabric neck area helps disburse the weight of your animals, combating the pain that other bonding options can cause.

  • Beautiful and Thoughtful Design

    Beautiful fabrics and expertly sewn sets will help your cage feel like an exquisite part of your home decor. Incorporate your cage into your style with exclusive fabrics and designs.

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