Care Supplies for Sugar Gliders

**Note: I may earn a small commission on items purchased through these links, however all of these are items that I personally use and recommend!

Cage and Care Items


Kitchen’s help prevent the throwing of food and encourage the gliders to eat in one place. It is also easier to deter food aggression this way, and allows you to set up “feeding stations”.

Ceramic Bowls

This is what I put my staple diet in under the kitchens. It is preferable to have a ceramic bowl that is even so they can perch on the sides.

Water Bottles

It really depends on the owner’s preferences how water is given, but I like to have water bottles available for my cages. Be careful though! Water bottles can clog suddenly, so make sure to have multiple bottles on each cage to prevent an emergency situation!

Tongs to Give Insects to Gliders

I like these for a few reasons! Some of the insects we give to gliders like hornworms actually bite and can be pretty painful, so these help to protect your hands. Also, my gliders like to grab the tongs and hang on or miss the bug and attack the tongs, so this saves my fingers!

Cage I Use and Recommend

This is my absolute favorite cage to use and recommend for sugar gliders. Fun fact, I have 2 of these attached side-by-side! I love that the doors open wide so that it is easy to clean and put big toys/wheels into the cage. I also feel like it is incredibly spacious and sturdy. I personally use this with the middle grate and all shelving removed so they have the entire cage to run, glide, and play! Always make sure you get the critter version of this cage and not the ferret one, and always measure the bar spacing before placing your gliders inside.

Sugar Glider Emergency Kit

If you have or are thinking about getting sugar gliders, having an emergency kit is a MUST! Sugar gliders’ needs are different than other animals in your household, so there are specific items that you should have on you at all times. This kit from Sugar Glider Guardians is full of the essentials that any sugar glider owner needs, including cones, hand warmers, syringes, and more. In addition to having this kit ready to go when you need it, you also support Sugar Glider Guardians when you purchase it from them!

My Favorite Cage for Travel

The weekender from The Pampered Glider is honestly one of my favorite purchases for my sugar gliders that I have ever made! The spacious cage comes with a travel wheel, pouches, and toy; and is large enough for larger colonies but small enough to be easily transportable! 15/10, will always recommend!

Be sure to mention ‘Morgan or Morgs N Friends’ when purchasing from The Pampered Glider for a 10% rebate!

My Favorite Tent for Bonding, Intros, and Spending Time With My Gliders

This tent is great! It is spacious with a wide opening, has sturdy construction, and a solid bottom so pee and poo stay confined and will not go onto your floor!

Food and Treat Items

Pet Pro Happy Glider Kibble (Fruity Flavor)

This is the kibble that I personally feed my gliders and that I recommend to my mentees. It has been tested amongst the admins of Sugar Glider Guardians and is considered safe. It is necessary to have a kibble with the diet to have a mechanical action on the teeth to help remove plaque.

Yogurt Drops

Yogurt drops, or “yogis” are a glider favorite!! These are perfect to hide around the cage for foraging or to give as treats!

Gerber Melts

These are also a safe and popular treat for sugar gliders!

Gerber Puffs

These fish sticks are better to give your pets. They do not contain msg and high sodium like other ones that are on the market or suggested.

Toy Making Supplies

Flush Cutters

These are used to cut the plastic chain used to make pulleys and other parts of the toys.

Cuticle Nippers

These are amazing for cleaning the sharp plastic parts off of the chain, and I also use them to cut zip ties flush to the fastener and to prevent sharp edges. (I use these for nail trims as well!)

Staple Diet Items

2.5 Gallon Rubbermaid Tub for fruit/veggie mixtures

This is great because it will hold one entire OHPW salad recipe; or other fruit/veggie diet mixtures in the freezer for you to keep fresh and easily serve from each night! This container was featured in my youtube video on sugar glider diets. You can find that video here!

Cuisinart 14-cup Food Processor

This is a TOTAL time saver! See how I use it in my youtube video about sugar glider diets here! It also comes with the ability to grate cheese and other food items for you!

Apple Slicer

I discuss it in this video, but this apple slicer saves me SO much time! I can literally slice 2 apples in minutes and chop them in the food processor in a shorter amount of time than it would take me to hand slice one apple by hand! LIFECHANGING!