Who are we?

About Morgs N Friends

Morgs N Friends is a premier luxury brand for sugar glider accessories, offering an unparalleled experience for pet owners and their furry companions. With an eye for design and a commitment to quality, Morgs N Friends provides pet owners with products that are both beautiful and functional. From the carefully sourced materials used in each product to the attention to detail in the design process, Morgs N Friends consistently delivers the highest level of luxury for pet owners. Whether you're looking for a cozy bonding pouch for snuggling with your sugar glider, or stylish accessories for your cage, Morgs N Friends has the perfect products to elevate your pet's experience. With our commitment to safety and comfort, you can trust that your pet will be well taken care of, while you enjoy the beauty and luxury of Morgs N Friends products.

  • Safety and Quality Are Of Utmost Importance

    Your precious pets deserve the epitome of quality and safety. At Morgs N Friends, we are dedicated to providing pet products that not only offer unparalleled durability and enrichment, but also peace of mind. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the sourcing of only the finest materials to bring you the highest quality available. With our products, you can be assured that you are providing your beloved pet with the ultimate experience in quality and comfort.

  • Innovation Inspired by Your Needs

    Our products are inspired and improved based on your individual needs and desires; and tailored to elevate your lifestyle and bring ease and comfort to your daily routine. Every detail, from the precise tab placement to the ideal dimensions of our bonding scarves, is crafted with use, comfort and convenience in mind.

  • Beautiful and Thoughtful Design

    Elevate your pets' living space with our luxurious and stylishly designed bonding items and cage accessories. Expertly crafted from exclusive fabric and materials, our products seamlessly blend form and function to complement your home decor while enhancing your pet's comfort.

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