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Gilded Bee Introduction Pouch

Gilded Bee Introduction Pouch

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Are you having some difficulty with sugar glider introductions? I'm here to help! These spacious introduction pouches are amazing to help if you're having difficulties introducing gliders together. The double-walled mesh between the pouches protects the two parties from injuries caused by fighting, and allows the two parties to interact with each other safely to allow the introduction process to progress. These products are brand new and all product photos have not been taken yet. These fabrics are from a small fabric shop that utilizes independent designers and these fabrics are ethical, organic, and fair trade.

~Comes with a removable adjustable strap and two separated pouches within the one pouch

~Each side can hold up to 3 adult sugar gliders to accommodate 6 sugar gliders total (depending on the size of each glider).

Unfortunately, I am unable to offer cancellations on ready to ship items. Thank you for understanding!

This pattern was actually created by Tammy Ralls of Sugar Mama's Sugar Gliders, and unfortunately, due to health issues she is no longer able to sew. Tammy contacted me and had me take over the pattern to make for Morgs N Friends, so while it may look similar it is completely authorized.


Made with high quality cotton, soft anti-pill fleece, durable zippers, and two layers of pet safe screen to protect your gliders. Each bag also comes with a matching handmade detachable strap and high quality hardware.


Each pocket of this pouch can hold approximately 3 full-size adult gliders (depending on the sizes of your gliders, please use your own judgement).

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