Sugar Glider Care Items

Finding the perfect cage and care items for your furry friends can be overwhelming, but we've done the work for you. We've curated our favorite essentials that we use in our own cages and brought it all to one place, so you can easily find everything you need.

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A kitchen in your sugar glider's cage can help keep their food in one place, reducing the risk of food being thrown around. It also makes it easier to manage food aggression and establish designated "feeding stations" for your gliders. By having a designated area for food, you can provide a comfortable and safe environment for your sugar gliders to eat.


Kaytee Igloo Hideout - Large


Ceramic Dishes

These are the bowls I use to put my sugar gliders' staple diet under their kitchens. It's best to use a ceramic or stoneware bowl that's even on all sides, so they can perch on the edges while they eat. This type of bowl is sturdy and durable, making it perfect for a sugar glider cage. Plus, it's easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic and healthy environment for your furry friends.  


Kaytee Stoneware Hamster Bowl - 3 in.


Water Bottles

The way you choose to provide water for your sugar gliders is a matter of personal preference, but I personally prefer using water bottles. However, it's important to keep in mind that water bottles can sometimes clog unexpectedly, so it's crucial to have multiple bottles in each cage to avoid possible emergency situations. This will ensure that your sugar gliders always have access to fresh and clean water.  


Kaytee Animal Bottles - 12 oz.


Insect Tongs

I highly recommend these tongs for a few reasons! Some of the insects that we give to sugar gliders, like hornworms, can be quite painful to handle with your bare hands because they bite. These tongs protect your hands while handling them. Additionally, my sugar gliders often grab onto the tongs or mistake them for the insects, so using tongs saves my fingers from getting bitten or scratched. These tongs are a must-have for any sugar glider owner.


Zoo Med Stainless Feeding Tongs - 10 in.



I have 2 of these cages side-by-side and I highly recommend it to other owners. One of the things I love about it is that the doors open wide, making it easy to clean and add large toys or wheels to the cage. It also feels incredibly spacious and sturdy. I personally remove the middle grate and all the shelving to give my sugar gliders the entire cage to run, glide, and play. It's important to note that you should always get the "critter" version of this cage, and not the "ferret" one, and always measure the bar spacing before placing your gliders inside. 


Midwest Critter Nation Leak-Proof Cages 


Emergency Kit

Protect your sugar gliders in any emergency situation with a specially curated emergency kit. Sugar gliders have distinct needs and it is essential for any owner to be prepared. The emergency kit from Sugar Glider Guardians has all the must-have items you need, including cones, hand warmers, syringes, and more. Not only will you be ready for any emergency, but you will also be supporting the Sugar Glider Guardians organization when you buy the kit from them. Keep your sugar gliders safe and secure by having an emergency kit on hand today!


Travel Cage

The Weekender travel cage from The Pampered Glider is one of my favorite purchases for my own sugar gliders. The cage is spacious, comes with a travel wheel, pouches, and toy, and is large enough for larger colonies but still easy to transport. I give it a 15 out of 10 and I'll always recommend it to anyone. 

Oh, and here's a little tip - when you order, mention my name "Morgan" and you'll receive a 10% rebate! Enjoy!



I love my portable tent for bonding with my sugar gliders. It's the perfect solution for keeping them safe while having fun together. The tent is spacious with a wide opening, extremely durable, and has a solid bottom so you don't have to worry about any accidents on your floor. It's a must-have for any sugar glider owner, trust me!


SANSBUG 1-Person Popup Screen Tent (Tarp Floor)


Food and Treats

Pet Pro Happy Glider Kibble

I personally use and recommend this kibble to all my mentees. It has been tested and approved by the admins of Sugar Glider Guardians, so you know it's safe for your furry friends. Not only is it nutritious, but it also helps to maintain dental health by providing a mechanical action on the teeth to remove plaque. Trust me, your gliders will love it! 


Pet Pro Happy Glider Kibble


Yogurt Drops

I absolutely love using yogurt drops or "yogis" as treats for my sugar gliders! Not only are they a huge hit with my little ones, but they're also a fun and interactive way to encourage foraging and playtime. Whether I hide them around the cage or simply offer them as a special treat, they're always a crowd-pleaser. Trust me, your gliders will love them too!


Suncoast Yogurt Drops


Gerber Melts

Sugar gliders go crazy for Gerber melts! They're the perfect healthy and safe treat to give your little ones.


Gerber Yogurt Melts - Vanilla

Gerber Yogurt Melts - Mixed Berry


Gerber Puffs

These Gerber Puffs are a must-try for both sugar glider owners and their furry friends! They are a safe and well-loved treat that is sure to bring a smile to your sugar glider's face!

Gerber Yogurt Puffs


Toy-Making Supplies

As a sugar glider owner, it is important to provide a safe environment for your furry friends to play and interact with their toys. These tools are specifically designed to keep the toys secure, so your gliders can enjoy them without any hazards. By having secure toys, you can rest easy knowing that your gliders are playing with items that are safe for them to use. Not only will your gliders have more fun, but you'll also have peace of mind knowing that they are protected while they play. These tools are essential for any responsible sugar glider owner who wants to provide their pets with the best possible environment.


Flush Cutters

I highly recommend these flush cutters for all of your sugar glider toy-making needs. They're perfect for cutting chain, which is an important component in making safe and durable toys for your little fur babies.


Hakko CHP 170 Micro Cutter


Cuticle Nippers

I highly recommend these flush cutters. They're perfect for keeping your sugar glider's toys safe and free of sharp plastic parts. Not only do they make cutting chain a breeze, but they're also great for cutting zip ties flush to the fastener so there are no sharp edges. These versatile cutters have become a staple in my toolkit, and I even use them for nail trims.


OPOVE X7 Stainless Steel Cuticle Trimmer - 3/4 Jaw


Food Preparation and Storage 

We're all busy people and sometimes taking care of our gliders can feel like a full time job. These are a few of the things I use to make preparation and storage just a little bit easier on myself. They're all featured in my video on Sugar Glider diets.


Rubbermaid Tub (for fruit/veggie mixture)

This container is a must-have for any sugar glider owner who wants to keep their pet's fruit and veggie diet fresh and easily accessible. Whether you're storing an entire OHPW salad recipe or another mixture, this freezer-friendly container will keep your glider's food fresh and ready to serve every night.

Rubbermaid Storage Container - 2.5 Gallons


Food Processor

At this point, I can't even imagine prepping food with my glider without my Cuisinart


Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor


Apple Slicer

If you're tired of spending all that time slicing apples for your meals, I have the solution for you! The apple slicer I've been using has been a total game changer for me. With this handy tool, I can slice 2 apples in just minutes, and chop them in the food processor even faster. It's a real time saver and has been a lifesaver in the kitchen. Trust me, you won't regret adding this to your kitchen collection!

KitchenAid Classic Fruit Slicer