Frequently Asked Questions

What do sugar gliders eat?

Sugar Gliders need to be fed a staple diet to provide the proper nutrients to ensure they stay healthy and happy. Below is a video discussing which staple diets are my favorites, why they are so important, and how I prepare mine for my gliders.


What are common medical issues in sugar gliders?

There are so many different medical issues that can affect sugar gliders, so I will actually turn it over to my friends at Sugar Glider Guardians to give you all the information!


Help!! My glider escaped from its cage, what do I do?

First, take a few deep breaths and take a look at the situation. Did they actually get out? Or are they potentially hiding in a place/toy/pouch that they typically do not use? Next, do not take out the trash or do any laundry until they are found. Oftentimes they are found hiding in dark, quiet places. My friends at Sugar Glider Guardians actually have amazing information on what to do next, so check out their page for next steps!


My sugar glider is acting weird, what do I do?

Knowing when something is an emergency and cannot wait can often mean the difference between life and death for your animal. Here are some signs of emergencies that need medical attention ASAP!

-Severe, repeated seizures in a short amount of time

-Labored breathing

-Extreme lethargy, inability to hold body or head up

-Inability to control limbs 

-Sudden paralysis

-Severe injury

-Missing or Necrosis/darkening of limbs, tail, injuries, etc

-Cognition issues or confusion

-Severe burns

-Sudden bloating of stomach or abdominal area

-Acute and severe vomiting or diarrhea

If you aren’t sure if it is an emergency and if you should take them to the vet, my answer will always be to take them. You are better off safe rather than sorry.


How do I trim their nails?

Trimming nails is an essential part of owning sugar gliders. Here is a video to show you how I trim the nails on my own gliders!


Should I get pet insurance?

Pet insurance is one of my biggest recommendations for glider owners. It is a great way to work towards having an emergency plan in place to make sure you can pay for vet bills and emergency veterinary costs. Here is a video where I discuss pet insurance in detail. To sign your pets up through Nationwide, use my personal link below:


What wheel should I get?

Click here to check out mine and Sugar Glider Guardians most favorite and trusted wheels: